Advanced School


In our Advanced School we focus on deeping your theological reflection and guiding you into a ministry where you can develop you gifts to be a blessing. 
Main objectives: 

  • In-Depth study of the Bible from the different subjects we teach. 
  • Reflect on how we can apply what has been studied in our particular environment. 
  • Help you discover your gifts and your place in the Body of Christ. 
  • Guide you on how to wisely exercise a charismatic Christian ministry. 
  • Integrated into a service where you can develop your gifts and talents to bless the people around you and glorify God. 

(Adapted from Life Institute in Monterrey, Extension School of Life Bible College). 
In view of the objectives of the "Advanced School Ephesians 4:11," your conduct as an individual is very important. Such objectives find their reality in you, to the extent that you grow in your sense of responsibility as a Christian leader. As behavior is the result of attitude, those who are preparing for the ministry, should seek to develop attitudes that will help them be used by the Holy Spirit to minister to others. We expected that each student seeks growth in Christian maturity and holiness this is a continuing process in your life. 
Among the attitudes that we expect every student find and develop, are the following: 
We encourage you to have an open attitude towards learning, which will make each one of you discipline in the academic aspects; because these require personal discipline.  
Some of these aspects are:  
Devote adequate time to study and compliance in delivering jobs and tasks. 
Faithfully attend church activities. 
Disposition to receive instruction from the people that God has given to lead. 
Submission is a key word here. Our submission to God to work in us that which it will bring glory to his name. By being submissive to God, can we be submissive to those who instruct us. Only then can we understand that these rules are part of His plan to mold us as individuals that can be used by Him "..not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think ..." (Ro.l2: 3). True humility makes us see our weaknesses and failures honestly, even amid the pressures that each faces. The spirit of pride makes a person want to give the appearance that it is better than it really is, seeking his own glory; however, a spirit of humility, does not seek glory, but God, recognizing who we really so we can proclaim as did the psalmist: "Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but to your name give glory, because of your mercy, because of  your truth. "Psalm 115: 1 
A minister is to be a servant of God. One of the evidences of the attitude of thinking of others is the way He thinks and tries to help others. It will help others to lead a disciplined life. Also it keeps silence at appropriate times and in places where others will benefit from this silence. 
This is an attitude that covers all areas of the life of a person. It is something every Christian should cultivate, particularly those who want to be used by God to bless the world. An important aspect of self-control has to do with the habits of your body. God entrusted us these bodies made by Him, so it is important to take care of them, feeding them and exercising them so they can perform at their peak every day. "…glorify God in your body…"                  (l Corinthians 6: 20).Besides, self-control is also manifested in our words and actions with others. Those who want to glorify God seek the cultivation of patience with themselves and others, avoiding scenes of anger, resentment, jealousy and impatience. The desire to love God with all our being and love others as ourselves will make each of us develop self-control in their interpersonal relationships, always looking the best for others. 

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